Board and Management Structure

The SLSLC Board is comprised of the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Six Board of Directors including the Managing Director. The National Commission for Privatisation Oversight Member and Lennap Services Limited Corporate Secretary are in attendance.

The Management team is comprised of a well notable and experienced Senior and Middle Managers with approximately forty years combined wealth of experience in the lottery and betting industry, increasing sales revenue and quality management. This experience is underpinned in a broad range of operational management areas – planning and organisational, marketing, sales and human resource management.

The Management team includes the Managing Director (MD); a Chartered Manager (CMgr) and Fellow Chartered Management Institute (FCMI) with management, sales and marketing background, Director of Finance (DF); Qualified and Fellow Chartered Accountant, Director of Operations (DO); ACCA final, Director of Marketing (DM); ACCA final and Four Middle Managers – Financial Accountant (FA); ACCA final, Administration/Procurement Manager (APM); MBA, and Internal Auditor (IA); ACCA final.

The remaining sixty (60) staff is comprised of twenty one Supervisors and thirty nine (39) Junior Staff.


Due to increasing demand of Lotto draws from our customers and the Company’s strategic plans to improve and satisfy our customers’ needs for best customer service, the Company has now transformed its fifty years of manual operations to automation on the 23rd September, 2013.

This World Class USSD based communication system of operations with the use of yellow vending machines has saved the Company from the exorbitant cost of printing tickets to utilizing thermal rolls. It affords the provision of prompt payment of winnings and multiple draws per day amongst its core competencies. The system will also provide an anticipated competitive advantage of taking the game to the playing public with effective communication covering the entire country with the exceptional portability of the vending machine.

The system was provided by a South African Company called African Innovations Limited (AIL) through a Joint Venture Agreement spanning a period of five years.

Also, as a means of attracting more customer base, all Lotto draws have now been relocated to our modernized lottery and betting draw hall at Siaka Stevens Street Head Office.

Consequently, the newly renovated lottery and betting draw hall is strategically located and suitable for the majority of our surrounding customers and retailers. It is intended by Management to conduct more games on a regular basis in order to contest with our competitors.

For the purposes of transparency, accountability and fairness, all Lotto draws are usually conducted at Siaka Stevens Street Head Office in the presence of Management, Playing Public and Representatives from the Judiciary, the Law Enforcement, Banking Institution, the Citizenry & the Retailers Association.

Other operations include; occasional appearances on ‘We Yus’ and biweekly talk shows on Fridays and Saturdays on Universal Radio FM 98.7, Radio Democracy 98.1 FM and Citizen Radio FM 103.7.

It is envisaged that in the near future, draws will be conducted periodically in the Provincial Head Quarters as well as enabling the Company’s ability to fulfilling its key objectives to augment government’s effort in the areas of Health, Education and other good causes.


Before the outbreak of civil conflict in Sierra Leone and to date, SLSLC had made a name for itself in the area of corporate social responsibility. It made massive contributions to good causes in the field of education and health, sports and community projects by offering scholarships to deserving students, building schools, donations and supply of equipment to hospitals, colleges and community base organisations.

The following projects were prominent and single handedly sponsored from the nineties to date: